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Oct 22: Ly Erg Traditional
Oct 22: Ly Erg Traditional

A bloody Scottish Fairy, the Ly Erg. Very little is told of this fae creature, but what we do know is that the Ly Erg prowls lonely roadsides near water in Scotland. He dresses up as a soldier and awaits for victims. He will block his marks path, raise his bloodied right hand, proclaiming that it is stained with the blood of those killed by his hand and challenges you to a fight. The best thing a traveler can do is run from him as engaging the Ly Erg in combat results in your death within a fortnight, making the Ly Erg a Death bringer, but giving you a chance to live. The Ly Erg is from very old Scottish folklore that is almost forgotten lore.
From what I can infer, I believe that anyone who engages the Ly Erg and is beaten by the Ly Erg is killed immediately. I think the “Death within a fortnight” prediction makes me believe that the Ly Erg marks those who bested him in combat so that he may slay them within a fortnight to prevent his defeat from being told aloud, otherwise his boast of killing many enemies would be called to task. Basically, he is an egotistical monster channeling his anger over some long forgotten war on mortals.
My first rendition of the Ly Erg is to show a typical Scottish man in military garb, with scarred features. His right hand, I made the blood flow from his hand, like it is a part of him. The next drawing will depict the “true form” of the Ly Erg for when kills his victims or faces a true opponent.