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Number 10: Sarangay
Number 10: Sarangay

The Phillipine Minotaur, The Sarangay.

The Sarangay is a half man/ half bull creature that resides in the Phillipines. The creature is fiercely strong and emits smoke when enraged. On each ear, the Sarangay sports a mystical jewel that it fiercely protects. Anyone caught trying to steal a jewel from its ear will be torn apart mercilessy from the Sarangay.

For my depiction, I wanted to make my minotaur similar, but different to my Greek forebearer; so I gave it longer horns, more human hands and excessive hair. I made its head ridged, akin to Klingons from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Lastly, I made the jewels smaller, to make stealing them a challenge and look crudely placed in, and gave it a terrifying mouth full of sharp teeth.