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PR:Redesign-Green Lantern Kyle Rayner: All Modes
PR:Redesign-Green Lantern Kyle Rayner: All Modes

Project Rooftop, for those unaware of its existence, is a website where various artists submit works that consist of costume redesigns for various superheroes from all comic book universes. Submission is pretty open, as long as you link to your creative website/digital portfolio and that the work is of an original design. Occasionally, the run design contests that are judged by panel and NOT by popular vote. The reason I emphasis that point is from my own disasterous experience participating in a digital pirtfolio site,Talenthouse, and their Create A Superhero contest, that resulted in basically established artists blowing everyone else out of the water and people with shareware creating superheroes from templates that get more votes than struggling artists. See any similarities to the current Kickstarter debate?

Anyway, Project Rooftop announced a Green Lantern Redesign contest that was being judged by a commitee, with one of judges being Ron Marz. Ron Marz is a comic writer who does a lot of work for Top Cow, but I most remember him for introducing and writing one of my favorite GL comic characters, Kyle Rayner, a freelance artist who became the ONLY Green Lantern for a spell after Hal Jordan's fall. Kyle has remained a consistent member of the "Earth GL" group and most recently, harnessed all the different colors of the Emotional Spectrum to become a White Lantern (this represents Life in the comic canon)

This is taking all the different modes and combining it into one main image for submission into the Project Rooftop: Emerald Ensemble Green Lantern redesign contest.