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Bettari DarkEyes
Bettari DarkEyes

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Bettari Dark Eyes was an unfinished Ohaguro Bettari, a Japanese Yokai that is a faceless ghost dressed in a wedding gown with blackened teeth that startles travelers, that I finished using the additions I placed on her in rough sketch form and further refined into a more mystical entity I labelled Bettari DarkEyes.

The Bettari DarkEyes wears a form-fitting dress comprised of optical cloth and carrying living cloth to use in her rituals and in range attacks. Her bladed middle fingers are capable of deep slashes for melee strikes, but the true purpose is taking a targets blood and using it for her blood magic. This blood magic is what the Bettari DarkEyes uses to deliver harmful curses to her victims and makes for a powerful and dangerous summons.

I used my brush pens for the body, a brush-tip Sharpie combined with my brush-tip pens for heavy blacks and warm/cool grey-scale brush pens for the shading.