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Single Panel Silliness: "It's A Trap" Submission
Single Panel Silliness: "It's A Trap" Submission
Watercolor Pencil

This drawing is based on the start of a series of drawing challenges I am presenting at my Comic Creators group. The first announced challenge is a Single Panel comic inspired by or using the phrase " It's a Trap."

My sample is a group on Dungeoneers questing and they come across this cave with the sign "Free Treasure" and are debating whether to enter of not. If the sharp teeth and green scales aren't a clue, then these are not the brightest adventurers.

The picture was drawn in pencil, inked with Mircron Pens, then colored with watercolor pencils. I would have done more to skin tones and shades, but as it was a challenge, I was doing on the day of the challenge and wanted to present it as soon as possible.

My favorite is the way each character is debating about entering the cave, with the hero contemplating it, the wizard looking at hi like "Are you serious?" and the hobbit poking at it with a stick.