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Day 30 - Ikhalen
Day 30 - Ikhalen

Lemithia's young and weary king, Ikhalen.

Once a humble ward to Lhor Cardemyall, Ikhalen was spearheaded into the title of Ruler of Lemithia after defeating Lhor Rawni in the closing battle of Lemithia's Civil War, by taking up the sword of his fallen Lhor, Ikhalen battled an empowered Lhor Rawni, who wielded one of the mystical artifacts of the Sovereign's Treasure. Endowed with one of Sovereign's Treasures, a gauntlet capable of wiping out a being from existence with a touch, Ikhalen sought to end the battle by piercing Rawni's chest, but Rawni escaped death, but was critically injured. Ikhalen's desperate act solidified him as Lemithia's new leader.

Unfortunately, for Ikhalen, he was left with a kingdom in ruins. The once, proud realm of Lemithia splintered into several, disparate kingdoms, and discovering that Rawni is still alive and ruling in his own nation of Kalon, has made the crown that Ikhalen wears weigh heavy upon his head. Add to the immense difficulty of maintaining a ravaged kingdom from war and the duplicitous political landscape, Ikhalen is a soldier that is in over his head with the den of wolves that now runs the Supreme Council.

Ikhalen's design is the one that also went the least revision, as I like the armor and long coat combo, while adding extra details around his coat and bracer. I also changed his sword, and mixed the imagery as he wears a lion- style bracer for Ikhalen and the eagle- styled sword to be the sword of Lhor Cardemyall that Ikhalen wields in memory of his former Lhor.