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Ahuizotl - October 12, 2010

An otter-like creature of Aztec belief with a prehensile tail with an extra hand attached. It is capable of mimicking a human or a baby's cry to lure unsuspecting people, then it snatches them up with its handy tail and devours the eyes, teeth and nails of the victim. These are its favorite parts to eat before consuming the rest of its victims flesh. Said to reside near water as a better place to snatch its prey.

When drawing the Ahuizotl, I wanted that otter look as I like the misleading cute animal that's secretly a terror, and I gave it quills under the cheeks and slight patterns within the fur, as well as the two rows of spines, which were a last minute add-on to it. The pose of the Ahuizotl nibbling on an eyeball was intentional as I liked to give it that cutesy terror vibe.