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Number 23: Acephali - October 26-27, 2009

A creature that is more of a fictional race, yet is a popular motif, especially for the mecha designs of anime series, Gurren Lagan. These humanoid creatures that lacked heads on their necks, but have them instead in their torsos; the Acephali. It is a term that literally means "without a head"; used to apply to organizations that have no head or leader in their group. It is also used by navigators in describing a legendary race of beings of the same description.

I played on this creature simply for its built in simplicity and its horror factor; a giant, gaping maw in its stomach and its huge, bulging eyes coming at you. Essentially, your being hunted by a giant head with limbs!!! How freaky is that? I added a little vestigial head for cosmetic reasons, and since I did it to an earlier acephali creature before, I felt it fit with the current design.