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Number 20: Amarok - October 21, 2009

I've done quite a bit on different types of vampires; that I've neglected a personal favorite of mine, the werewolf, or wolf in horror. While vampires are the insiders that blend into society (European sense) the werewolf has always represented the outsider, the primal other, the quintessential noble savage that is the werwolf. Wolves are a staple in myth and folklore and trace their roots to Greek Mythology on the story of Lycen being transformed into a wolf by the Gods for having them eat a soup made out of his son (hence the term Lycan). Wolves have been symbolized as fierce devourers, such as Fenris of Norse myth, savagery from the Beserker's of old, an noble guides in Native folklore.

The Amarok is a wolf in Inuit mythology. A massive wolf that eclipses the moon, the Amarok hunts down and devours anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night, which is a contrary to its own hunting method of hunting alone, but since its so massive, its understandable.

My version of it is essentially a wolf with tribal markings, which I am a fan of as they give the wolf a sense of its own stature and distinguishes it. Plus suing various pencils and line quality for the fur and markings.