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Number 6: Asasabonsam - October 6, 2009

From the depths of the African jungle, comes the violent and stealthy predator; the Asasabonsam. This vampiric creature hangs in the trees, waiting to snare its victims with its hook feet and eats them alive with its iron teeth. They differ from other vampires with its hook feet and incredibly long hair that drapes all the way down to the ground. They have a tendency to bite a person on the thumb, but would devour its victims voraciously with its iron teeth.

For my portrayal of the Asasabonsam, I went full feral with its look, having hair all over its body and made its fingers and toes hooklike, because it can't just be the teeth that become iron plus to insure it has a lasting grip as it spends most of its time in trees, plus I made the hook feet into toes for the visceral quality of its feet spreading into its prey upon capture. Also, like the Manananggal, I went nude with it, so not only does the victim get hook feet, but also dangly parts slapped on them.