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Number 12: Cuco - October 12, 2009

A creature I've made just as mine as the stories used to tell it; El Cuco, the Latin American boogeyman.

A creature used to scare children into behaving, El Cuco hunts naughty children at night and and takes them away to punish and/or eat them. Various tales of the creature involve an nursery rhyme and the "sack man" version which takes the naughty children to sell them, as a cloaked figure, or the manifestation of the ghost of an abused child, or a hairy monster.

My version is an interpretation of the name Cuco, which is a variant of Coco, or coconut, which has a coconut head engulfed in fire and using the sack man analogue, giving it a sack to capture children and a more terrifying version of its club, while making it much more wooden in its skin texture. I also made the coconut even darker and made its cloak more straw and thorn- like. Basically, I made what was done and put a new spin on it by making it even more sinister.