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Number 7: Golem - October 7, 2009

A creature from Jewish folklore, the Golem, a creature belonging the class of artificial humans like Frankenstein's Monster, Talus, and the Homunculus. They are created from earthly materials (parallels to creation myth of Adam) and brought to life by inserting sacred spell texts in its mouth and scrawling the Hebrew characters of "Life" on its forehead. The Golem, is primarily used as a guardian, a protector for the Jewish people from persecution and harassment within their homes. The Golem is a being of incredibly strength, but is like a child, since it needs guidance. For without guidance, the Golem will be a pure destructive force and will do more harm than good.

My interpretation of the Golem is to make a mass of living clay and stone, but more for striking fear within the hearts of persecutors. Its a mix of another Golem idea I had, while adding the frenzy pace of meeting a deadline with this challenge. For details, I use lighter value pencils to draw in cracks and details while using blending stumps for the shading. I am most proud of the face, with an open maw for inserting mystic texts and having a faint glow in its empty eye sockets. I also took the time to grab Hebrew letters (may mean "Life") to add to its forehead.