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Number 14: Krampus - October 15, 2009

Introducing the Krampus, a creature that accompanies Saint Nicholas (i.e., Santa Claus) and while he rewards the good children with presents, the Krampus punishes naughty children through whippings and entrapping them in its own cage.The creature has a national holiday called Krampus Day on Dec. 6th. This creature is of Austrian origin and its name means "Claw".

For my drawing of the Krampus, I used a Green Lantern villain called Kryb, who is a child stealer of Green Lantern parents. I used Kryb's four arms and self formed cage on its back for the Krampus while using the demonic features and bound in chains motif (in service of Saint Nicholas) while wielding its birching rod for whipping children (see a motif for a great many boogeyman). This creature is so popular that the holiday actually has Krampus costume contests, which contestants take VERY seriously.