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Number 22: Nuckelavee - October 26, 2009

The Nuckelavee; a centaur- like beast from Norwegian mythology. This creature is from the Elvish race and is the most horrible of all mystical Elves as it befalls calamities such as plague outbreaks, crop decimation, and droughts with its poisonous breath. The creature resides in water, yet causes trouble on land. It is its description that makes it crazy, for this horrid beast. Even though its basically an aquatic centaur; it has no skin, just a terrible mass of pulsating muscles filled with black blood with a head three times too big, arms that reach the ground, a single eye of fire and fin-like protrusions sticking out.

For my version (since there are many in the drawing community) is that I made the head similar to Davros from Doctor Who, gave its long arms an extra long finger claw, fins sticking out the side, and a long tongue jutting out of the fanged horse.