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Sack Man
Number 13: Sack Man - October 14, 2009

After the Cuco, there are a number of different stories of creatures parents tell their children to make them behave. Tales about monsters that lurk under beds and steal naughty children away to eat or sell them, Many of them carry sacks to carry off their mischievous gains.

I made a variant of one of these boogeymen called the Sack Man. From various Caribbean countries, Jamiaca was an the chosen influence since the name comes from there. This boogeyman is often depicted as a hobo, that steals children to sell, but I made it an emphasis on horror by making the Sack Man more of a living marrionette in tattered clothing and essentially, a living scarecrow to torment and frighten children into behaving, or else the Sack Man will come and take you away.