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Number 18: Wraith - October 19, 2009

An ethereal and horrifying specter, the Wraith, similar with Banshee's and other ghosts as forerunners of bad omens and impending death. Today, they are popular role-playing and fantasy themed villains in games and television. Often, because its appearance is similar to another cloaked, skeletal being, it has been confused as Death itself, but it foreshadows death; so is there really a difference?

A cheat I'll admit, but they are like many beings and creatures in myth and folklore that act as warnings of impending doom to wayward souls unfortunate to gaze or hear the sounds of a wraith, plus the word is verbally similar to wrath, so this particular specter is indeed a violent one. Like most designs of ghost and spirits, I drew my as flowing robes and shadowy shades, with crackles of energy emanating from its hands, while obstructed its face in a shadowy, skull design. I've reinforced the chaotic force of this being by cross-hatching and rough shading for its visual style.