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Semi-Automatic Crossbows. Card Artwork. Equipment Class: Badass Weapon.
Semiautomatic Crossbows

Semi-Automatic Crossbows. Card Artwork. Equipment Class: Badass Weapon.

This is from a series of card artwork I'm working on with a friend in getting his card party game off the ground. The game, Thy Dunjon Quest, is a party game utilizing elements of charades and blackjack for players to go one mock quests and encounters while gambling their gear based on success or failure.

The Semi-Automatic Crossbows is the perfect weapon in taking down multiple opponents while looking badass in the process. So useful and lightweight that its possible to wield two at the same time, an unprecedented first in the fantasy realm!

When this was brought up to me, I immediately flashed back to a game of Munchkin (perfect for genre mash up ideas I might add) with my friends, who during the game, one of them became an Elven Yakuza, which is the first beings I felt would best wield such weapons, Elves for their natural affinity to archery, and the Yakuza from all those Japanese Yakuza films, or Chow Yun Fat's dual wielding self in Hard-Boiled. Add the stylish flair in handling both weapons ,and you got your Elven Yakuza ready to take down orcs in slow motion while doves fly out in the foreground.