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Fish in Bear Suit. Card Artwork. Monster Class: Aquarian Cosplayer.
Infiltration Armor - Fish in a Bear Suit

Fish in Bear Suit. Card Artwork. Monster Class: Aquarian Cosplayer.

This is from a series of card artwork I'm working on with a friend in getting his card party game off the ground. The game, Thy Dunjon Quest, is a party game utilizing elements of charades and blackjack for players to go one mock quests and encounters while gambling their gear based on success or failure.

Allow all monsters to blend in with the Infiltration Armor. This river-washable ensemble allows any monster to enter thy local village without fear of being assailed by random adventurers or angry villlage mobs. Now, with the Infiltration Armor, you can browse and purchase goods the adventurers use as well as sample foods you otherwise would not have been able to enjoy in the wilds. Also, you can pillage and plunder with impunity, so far as you are able to leave the village unnoticed.

The Fish in a Bearsuit is no stranger as it was an idea randomly tossed out in Invader Zim regarding the dangers of sending random objects back in time. when I introduced it, my friend made it as a WOW joke citing it as a murloc trying to hide from being cannon fodder from questers. It also serves as a means to explain how creatures randomly drop loot that you figur they would not have the pockets for, hence the use of infiltration armor to allow monsters to buy goods at local towns and villages. It works and should it take, maybe a fish in a bearsuit plushie could come into existence.