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Grassy Knoll
Grassy Knoll

Grassy Gnoll. Card Artwork. Monster Class: Hills DO have eyes... and an appetite.

This is from a series of card artwork I'm working on with a friend in getting his card party game off the ground. The game, Thy Dunjon Quest, is a party game utilizing elements of charades and blackjack for players to go one mock quests and encounters while gambling their gear based on success or failure.

The Grassy Gnoll is essentially, a play on words. From the JFK conspiracy ideas of a gunman on the "grassy gnoll" to my friend citing it as fictional race in D & D. Unaware of the race of hyena people, or Gnolls (just looked it up just now, honestly did not know what they were) I just went and made a man-eating hill. Its even funnier that way, now that I think about it, and it went well with what my friend wanted, so it works.