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Ashinagatenaga - Oct 24, 2010

Two creatures for the price of one. The Ashinagatenaga are two Japanese yokai who work together to catch fish. One, the Ashinaga-jin, are creatures that possess extremely long legs that are capable of stretching up to six meters. The other, Tenaga-jin, are creatures with extremely long arms that can stretch up to nine meters. These two creatures come from separate villages and work in partnership to catch fish, their primary means of food, as the Ashinaga-jin uses its leges to wade while the Tenaga-jin uses its long arms to catch fish. It is said that seeing one or the other or both is a sign that bad weather is coming soon.

My version of the Ashinagatenaga is essentially making two creatures that are diverse, yet can work together. To make the Ashinaga-jin, I made it hav Tyrannosaurid arms with long, thin legs and making its face sharklike for its fish-eating nature. For, the Tenaga-jin, I gave it extremely long arms and made it slightly ogre-like with a hint of diminished legs, therebye making each one dependent on the other for support. For common ground, I gave them loincloths based on the pictures shown of the Ashinagatenaga and the vertical strip markings as a means to complement their stretching powers.