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Bloody Bones
Bloody Bones - Oct 8, 2010

Bloody Bones is a boogeyman from Great Birtain, often named in tandem with another boogeyman called Rawhead. Usually said to inhabit ponds, and when industrialization happened, living within pipes and cupboards and described as a horrifying humanoid creature with blood running down its face and sitting upon a pile of raw bones of its victims of naughty children.

For my depiction, I used the name as its basis, since if your going to call a boogey man "Bloody Bones" then he better be bloody! I made it into a literal horned skeleton with blood emanating out of its torso, jaws, and wrists; making the blood be another means of attacking its prey. I gave it a tattered cloak and a hangman's noose. The face was based on a halloween mask at my previous job at Chicago Costume, the blood based on the Red Lantern Corp and just looking at a skeleton for a reference.