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Gashadokuro - October 14, 2010

The Gashadokuro are giant skeletons created by the mass gathering the bones from people who died of starvation of war. These giant bones are notified by people due to a ringing in one's ear; that is the only warning a person gets, because if they don't flee once a Gashadokuro appears, it will snatch up a person and bite off their heads.

For my depiction of the Gashadokuro, I made a giant skeleton, but I also added mystical sigils floating around the ankles, wrists, and head of the creature, plus energy spikes and strings to make it essentially, a giant marionette. I added a local villager near it for scale as to give an idea of the size of this being, as the Gashadokuro can grow up to fifteen times the height of the average person. The sigils are also acting as a form of handle controls found in computer animation, minus the main control around the waist, but the glowing strings add that puppet feel to make it a creature under someone's control, like a celestial being or a necromancer.