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Jack In Irons
Jack In Irons - October 26, 2010

This one is a bit of a cheat, as I had this drawing in its early stages last year, and I wanted to finish it for this year's challenge.

The creature represented is called the Jack-in-Irons, a giant that is said to haunt the lonely roads of Yorkshire, draped in chains and carrying the severed heads of its victims. He also carries a spiked club, which explains all the decapitations.Jack may not be the giant's name as Jack is possibly slang for an unknown male, like John Doe. Which may explain the origin of Samurai Jack's name as he adopted it after some kids called him that, again used at the time as a term for a stranger.

For my depiction, the visual description alone was worth the price of drawing it. When I started it, the hardest part was drawing the heads itself, as the main body took a little research and was easy. I did a part of the spiked club and early sketches had a much fuller version, but I ran out of space. The scanner cut off more of it and the hand, but the main focus was the giant himself.
After drawing the heads, I added more chains to him and designed the heads with periods of decay and hat styles to show that this is a creature that's been around for a long time.