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Noppera - Bo
Noppera - Bo - October 15, 2010

A Japanese yokai, the Noppera-Bo is a humaniod spirit known for possessing a faceless visage. And by faceless, I mean completely devoid of facial features, just a flat face. The creature would usually wear a false face and then either let it slip off or gently slide it off, revealing its blank face, to scare travelers. Other than scaring travelers, the Noppera-Bo is relatively harmless and is just ruled as a mischief maker.

The Noppera-Bo is primarily used as a warning to trespassers and to scare wayward people, like a fisherman trying to fish in a river near a cementary or lecherous samurai or lushes. There have been some contemporary reports of Noppera-Bo sightings alongside Hawaii in 1959.

For my version of the Noppera-Bo, I stuck with the featureless face, but added the extra flaps to use it create false clothes for its body, and I am also implying that the exterior of its flaps are capable of shifting colors to create reasonable facsimiles of actual clothing and a flexible tail to create either a false belt or a hat.