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Sigbin - October 13, 2010

A bloodsucking creature, the Sigbin is described as a hornless goat who has the peculiar walking habit of walking while its head is in between its legs. It has large ears it uses to clap and a long tail for balance. It is said to emit a noxious odor. It is a creature from Filipino mythology and is often a servant to Aswangs, WakWaks, and Sigbinan; families with the power to keep Sigbins as servants for they are said to bring good luck.

In religion, the Sigbin is said to come out of its dwelling during Holy Week, to take the eharts of children and fashion them into amulets. It is also believed that the origin of the Sigbin may be misidentification of previously unknown animals, such as the kangaroo or the recent cat-fox discovered off of Borneo.

For my version of the Sigbin, I played it similar to my version of the Tikbalang, except I made its head much larger to accommodate the ears, hair placement, and tail. I did the markings again as I kinda like them on this particular region of creatures as they seem to have a wealthy history with the country, and I wanted it reflected on them as well. The spiked thumbs are a last addition that I felt it could have and seem to work for its overall appearance.