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Terrible Monster
Terrible Monster - October 9, 2010

Catchy name isn't it? The Terrible Monster is a chimera monster that according to legend or folklore, attacked the city of Jerusalem in the early eighteenth century. It was described as being born from the blood of murder victims that would kill anyone who comes near it. It was composed of the head of a lion, the beak and talons of an eagle and having a scorpion tail and would use venom as its main weapon. It was tough to kill due to its armored skin and only died by having a spear thrown down its throat.

My version of the Terrible Monster used the lion as the base, with adding more scorpion elements to give it its armored appearance and the extra set of limbs. The eagle beak was made from making it appear as exposed skin with gnashing teeth and having talons spring in tandem with lion claws for a bizarre killing strike.